Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another Project - Puch 250 Twingle

Yes, another motorcycle has found it's way into my garage. This one isn't mine though. It belongs to Marty Green, an old friend of Jim Angell and a new friend of mine.

It's a 1968 Puch 250 Twingle that was owned by Marty's dad. It's been partially disassembled and non running for a long time but hopefully we can put it back together and get it going again. Most of the parts seem to be there except for the seat. The tank is in decent shape and the motor turns over. There's not much wiring to mess with.  The wheels are pretty rusty. I love the pipes. It should be fun.

1968 Puch 250 Twingle

It seems the mice thought the Twingle was attractive too.
The Twingle powerplant. Single cylinder, dual piston 250cc two stroke.

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tory said...

That is a cool bike,even cooler being that it was martys dads.
I am glad to see it is finally out of his range rover,do you sopose the mice stayed in the car?
I think my guy in burnips has experiance with the twingles if you run into deep mechanical issues,he may even have spares.
The big challange is to get martys CJ360 to hudsonville.Or at the very least out of GR for a day.